Frequently Asked Questions


What is the swinging lifestyle?
The swinging lifestyle is an environment where secure like minded couples can explore their sexuality among friends. The members of the swinging lifestyle are respectful, caring, honest and above adventurous.

What kind of people make up the lifestyle?
The people in the swinging lifestyle come from every walk of life. Every sexuality, age, race, creed, religion, political affiliation, income bracket and occupation is represented in the swinging lifestyle. The swinging lifestyle is for people who are solid in their relationships and wish to expand their horizons. Everyone is welcomed with loving and supportive arms.

I'm interested in the lifestyle, but I'm frightened?
Many people are fearful when they first experience the swinging lifestyle. They quickly find that swingers are regular people who simply wish to expand their horizons. The lifestyle is very discrete, and there is no worry about running into another swinger while shopping and being outed. If you run into someone outside of a lifestyle event, they don't wish to be outed either. Typically a smile or a nod is exchanged, sometimes a conversation between friends occurs, but nothing detrimental to ones social status happens.

Is swinging safe?
Swinging is generally safer than any other form of casual sex. Swingers tend to be very cautious of their safety. Many people submit to STD testing every 3 to 6 months. Almost all swingers insist on the usage of condoms during intercourse with someone other than their spouse. Simple precautions like this make the swinging lifestyle a very safe place to experiment.

What if I'm only interested in the opposite sex?
Being bi-sexual for women or men is not a requirement. Many swigners started in the lifestyle experimenting because of bi-sexuality. There are many people in the lifestyle however who are completely hetrosexual. They choose to participate in partner swapping as opposed to bi-sexual acts.

I'm a single male, can I swing?
Tampa Bay Lifestylers is focused towards couples. While single males are permitted to join the group, they must be sponsored by a female or couple.

Do I have to sleep with someone?
Absolutely not! There are no obligations in the lifestlye or Tampa Bay Lifestylers. Tampa Bay Lifestylers focuses on swingers getting to know each other with their clothes on! Many events are centered around "vanilla" activities where any swinging would be greatly frowned upon.